Energy Revolution Ltd was created to develop the SkyLine™ 3-D Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, to broaden the availability of small wind power.   This was predicated on an increasing global electricicty demand and its limited availability.

As modern technological systems put larger demands on energy supplies, we wanted to create complementary lithium energy storage and power supply systems to meet this growing need.  We are focussing on high-performance mobile and off-grid power applications for marine vessels, aircraft, recreational vehicles and static applications.  Our family of flexible, highly-robust energy conversion, storage and control systems is progressing through prototypes towards production.

Energy Revolution works with specialised partners to develop products in synergistic industries, as shown below.   Our experience reveals a space for customer-specific solutions - not all programme requirements can be fully realised with standard equipment.   We help develop top-level business requirements, then decompose into sub- and main system technical specifications according to the appropriate standards and certification; this leads directly into the chain ending with quality product delivery.

Fields of experience include automotive, aerospace, marine and defence.

Energy Revolution Ltd can be contacted on
11 Apr 2021